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How, Jewelry-Music Boxes


Many hours of challenging, detailed and delicate work goes into the construction of each jewelry/music box and cutting board.  From the selection of unique woods to the final transformation, each piece is hand wrought and finished by me.  A product of this quality is custom made to create and celebrate your special memories. 


Traditional music was not born from batteries, and a music box I make holds none either.  Hidden inside, is a modern-day version of the classic movement, available in numerous musical selections upon your request.  Spring-powered, it is accessible for winding via the key located on the bottom of the box.

How, Cutting Boards

High grade cutting boards are constructed of "end-grain", selections of rare and beautiful woods.  Though  labor intensive, end grain cutting boards are more durable and offer less resistance to the chef's razor sharp blades.   Extreme precision goes into making these designs to create the intended effect.  In truth, these boards are "Useful Art" , not just to be hung on the wall.  They area soaked in food-grade mineral oil for two days and sealed with hot mineral oil and natural beeswax as a preservative.   Truly utility and beauty in one place.