Open the lid and allow light  to play across the azure and turquoise designs while enjoying sounds of life, laughter and fairy tales.


Fire, is an imprint left by actions, which will stand the test of time and cannot be





      dimmed by the ashes of apathy.                                                                                      

for us tomorrow.

out feelings fresh in our minds or forgotten




Copyright © Kent Burnett, in wood


by the passage of time.

 thoughts and memories they will have

Passion, is a crazy thing ignited by the simplest of actions.  It will draw







Even the lyrical sounds coming from the spring-wound musical movent stir experiences we will never forget.


Grace, is the knowledge that what we do for others today will reflect in the



Rich, iridescent African Paduk woods and Maple inlays gleem

in natural hues accentuated by a gloss-protective coating.